We diagnose and manage diabetes, hypertension, orthopedic disorders, osteoporosis, dermatology problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, high cholesterol, arthritis, weight management and much more.

Many chronic conditions require regular and consistent medical management that emphasizes health and wellness rather than illness and disease. Our underlying philosophy of treating people centers on the appropriate utilization of diagnostic testing, specialist referrals, labs, and sensible and conservative use of medications.

Health Logs

We have a number of documents available for you to download and print to help you evaluate and track your health between visits.

Health Education

For your convenience, we have compiled information to help you be more informed about various health conditions and medical treatments.

JOINT INJECTIONS (Available at our Keller location only)

People who suffer from arthritis and other conditions with the joints can benefit from joint injections. These treatments often involve injecting a steroid into the affected joint to alleviate the inflammation within the joint. This will help in reducing discomfort and help you feel better when moving around. Joint injections can be performed in a number of body areas and can give you significant relief from joint pain.

Please call the Keller Office at 817-431-3800 for more information and to schedule your consult today!